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The Company

Tecnovo S.A. is a modern industrializing egg company, which having started production in 1995, it has become a leader in its sector in Argentina.

Our modern technology is aimed at customer satisfaction, who are in the industrialization of mayonnaise, pasta, puddings, pastries, cookies, etc., for which we deliver our products with certified quality.

The philosophy of the founders was to create a value chain that enhances the natural resources of the area, incorporating skilled labor and appropriate technology to enable it to access the most demanding national and international markets work.

The operability of the factory and the quality of our products is guaranteed to be working under GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) rules in food certification systems FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification) for continuous improvement of the management system of food safety in order to ensure the safe supply of food to consumers.

TECNOVO manages to preserve the natural quality of the product, according to the patterned procedures in full compliance with specifications and the highest level of quality.

The conservation of the natural quality is the key on the egg-based products and requires a high degree of care and specialized knowledge.

TECNOVO satisfies the most demanding sanitary requirements: antacid floors, sanitary filters, restricted movement of personnel, pressurized rooms with filtered air at constant temperatures and pneumatic transport of powders.

Either liquid or dried, whole egg, albumin or yolk egg: we always guarantee high quality.

We enjoy the trust of those responsible for the quality of the finished product in companies where our supplies are part of the manufacturing process.


TECNOVO S.A. - Executive Staff

  • Director - General Manager



  • Commercial Manager



  • Research and Development Manager



  • Production Manager


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  • Awards
  • Certifications
  • Participation
  • Location

TECNOVO S.A. - Crespo - Entre Ríos - Argentina

Tel.: (+54) 343 4952601 /  Fax: (+54) 343 4953543

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